Montag, 3. Dezember 2012


Sometimes you have to try something new. This Blog is now in English, when you read the Post you will know why I made this decision.

Manchmal muss man etwas neues ausprobieren, Dieser Blog ist jetzt in Englisch. Wenn jemand das nicht versteht, meinem Blog aber weiterhin folgen möchte, schreibt mir doch bitte einfach, ich kann versuchen das ganze zweisprachig zu machen.

I posted nothing for a really long time. Thats because there was really much turmoil in my life the last half year.
But now it is getting better.
So why am I writing in English? Since october I live in Paris, France. I'm doing an Internship at Malhia Kent and I met many nice people there. Textiledesigners like me. But nobody is german. Thats why I decided to write in English, So all my friends can read my posts.

I'm really much sick here, I think it is really hard for my body and brain to be here, because my teachers decided that I have to do my internship here, and I don't speak french (I try to learn, but...), so my body makes a rebellion against everything here.
I'm sick at the moment, so I thought I should blog again!

There will be a few posts in the next days, but I'm preparing pictures at the Moment, so you have to wait, a few hours, or days.

But hey, after half a year thats nothing!

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